Can Chinese Medicine help turn a breech baby?

The simple answer is yes!

The standard treatment to turn breech babies in Chinese medicine is the application of moxa (a heat stick containing the herb Artemisia vulgaris, or Mugwort) to an acupuncture point found on the outer corner of the fifth toenail.

Why? The treatment is said to increase foetal activity.

In a Chinese study carried out in 1999, 130 patients with breech babies at the 33-week mark had this treatment every day for seven days.

This was compared with a control group of another 130 patients with breech babies who received no treatment.

At 35 weeks' gestation, the babies had turned for 75.4% of the group who received the moxa. That's compared with only 47.7% in the control group. Check out this study.

If you've been told your baby is breech, come in for an initial consultation and acupuncture treatment.

We'll figure out the causes and put a plan in place to remedy them.

You'll learn how to use the moxa sticks, and we'll send you home to treat yourself daily.

We follow up with weekly acupuncture to help maximise blood and energy flow to the uterus - and this usually fixes the problem!