Welcome to Katie Kempthorne Naturopathy + Acupuncture

We are naturopaths and Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturists working in Ponsonby, Auckland.  We're not ageing hippies or any kind of natural health radical, but through our studies and our own health challenges we've learnt a bit about the things we can do to transform our own health.

It's not about putting you in a box or feeding you a prescriptive formula.  It's all about you and what you need.  So that might be regular acupuncture, it might be some diet changes, or maybe you're just after a chat and some herbs.

We specialise in women's health, fertility and pregnancy, gut problems and anxiety and depression, which may seem like a lot!  We treat a whole range of issues that challenge people because the principles are the same.  Identify what has created the pathway to illness and then what's required to transform it into wellness.