hoto Credit: Peter Hellberg

Katie Kempthorne

BHSc Complementary Medicine

Adv Dip Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine

Post-Grad Dip in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Clinical Acupuncture Certificate (Nanjing University, China)

Hundreds of shorter courses that took my fancy...

Hi!  I'm Katie.

Health hasn't come easy for me.  I was the kid who ate McDonalds daily and thought exercise was something crazy people did.  I've had serious acne, irritable bowel syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome at different stages.  

Everything I've learnt about health has been a struggle to implement in my own life.  I've had to learn to cook, to exercise and to rest, and to create rhythms for nurturing myself, which is not at all my natural tendency.  

So I get it.  For most of us a yogic vegan lifestyle is not where it's at.  We all eat too much, drink too much, stay up late and cane ourselves at times.  

But here's the thing.  We can still be really healthy and do all those things.  Sure, not all the time.  But you don't need to be pure and holier than thou to have a body that functions optimally.  We just need to figure out the keys to keeping our bodies in balance, and that's unique for each of us.

I started my business in 2005, after receiving my degree from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, where I have also taught.  A few years later I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture at AUT and spent a few months working in hospitals in China.  

Now I combine both approaches, naturopathic and Chinese Medicine, to get a clear idea of what is out of balance in the body, and what is required to bring it back into balance.  

Health, in all it's many facets, is undoubtedly my passion.