All modern medical research sites "stress" as a contributing factor to the creation of disease states within the body.

But what is stress? How do you know whether it's having an impact on your body? And if you suspect it is, what lifestyle factors can you change to mitigate this impact?  How can you support the physical body to gain resilience to this stress?

Essentially, this is the basis of the naturopathic approach.  Firstly, identify what is causing the body to be out of balance, and then evaluate how we can support the body (through various different types of treatment) to regain its own equilibrium.


Anxiety is the epidemic of the 21st century.

In a world that is safer than ever, we increasingly fear what we can't control.

Feelings of anxiety are often exacerbated by the modern lifestyle: coffee; sugar; alcohol; electronic devices and the crazy speed at which we live life.

Anxiety is also the result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body, and can sometimes be easily corrected with supplementation.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine are beautifully effective at soothing the nervous system, helping with insomnia, restlessness and the mood rollercoaster that we can all get stuck on.



In Chinese Medicine depression is characterised by stagnation.

To combat this stagnation we often need a global perspective.

  • Addressing lifestyle factors such as diet and movement.
  • Correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies that exist in the body, and are predisposing the person to mental/emotional disturbance.
  • Support for the stagnated organs of the body with herbs and acupuncture.
  • Delving into the thought patterns that are contributing to the patient being stuck.